Monday, 21 August 2017

Developing understanding of Reciprocal reading!

Using Reciprocal reading as a guided reading strategy, I will be running it as part of my reading rotation.
Using the Reciprocal reading cards, they are guided by the questions and I am there to guide them as students go through the process.
Using the Reciprocal reading process will help students to develop their understanding and knowledge, also building their confidence to share their ideas and knowledge with others.
This process will hopefully allow more student autonomy and drive students to start thinking critically by asking questions about what they read.
The students will be guided using the Reciprocal reading cards: Predicting, Questioning, Clarifying, Summarising.

Resources/ Readings

Resources to assess student outcome:

Where to next...
  • Design and implement a digital version of reciprocal reading using the Learn, Create, Share pedagogy to accelerate learning for my target group (boys).

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