Friday, 20 October 2017

Mindset for achievement!

Been hearing a lot about growth mindset recently and author Carol Dweck, so I decided to find out more... Read an interesting article on fixed and growth mindsets.
This article talked about how students' attitudes can greatly influence their achievements in learning.
Then it led onto talking about how to go about changing mindsets for success.
Our teaching practice in the classroom affects our students greatly.
One of the emphasis to change mindsets talked about the impact of praise and feedback.
It also talked about the impact of teacher mindset, which I find very interesting. In the 2012 study, they found that educators who had fixed mindsets used 'comfort-oriented' feedback for the students (feedback that didn't encourage the students to challenge themselves) this correlated with low motivation and of the students having low expectation of themselves, thus not achieving well academically.


  • How can I change my own fixed mindset?
  • How can I change my students' fixed mindset?

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