Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Trial week 3 part 2

13th of September
Continuing to encourage students to contribute and lead with their prompt cards.
Using e-books from Get Epic is really engaging as it has illustrations or photos for students to discuss.
I have noticed that this group is still very teacher directed, but a few of the students are displaying more and more confidence in sharing their ideas during reciprocal reading.
I have asked the students to set up a Glossary to record down vocabulary that they are unsure of...this hopefully increases the students' bank of words and increases their understanding of text.


  1. Well done, Judy.
    I like the prompt cards used. Something that I have used to get students to lead discussions is using a Koosh Ball. Kids like the feel of it and it is tactile. Did the students write their own glossary on their own individual document or was it done on a Shared Google Document? Having a shared document would enable the collaboration and shared understanding.

    I look forward to following your journey,

    Joy Paton

    1. Hi Joy,
      Thank you for your comment. I love the idea of Koosh ball, I'll look into how I can incorporate that with Reciprocal Reading.
      The students have all set up an individual glossary for Reciprocal Reading, but I think having a shared glossary is a brilliant idea, will trial that starting next week. Thank you Joy!