Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Target student intervention 2: Intensive reading mileage and reinforcement!

One of my target students joined my class in Term 2 this year with limited English vocabulary and knowledge. He is able to communicate orally with others, however, reading and writing skills/ knowledge is very minimal. I needed an intervention to help my student to read and write so after my first conference with the child's mum in Term 2, we started practising high frequency words every day at home and I also introduced 'Starfall' (audio book website) to my student as initially he wasn't able to sound out any of the words independently. We started with the 'Learn to read' section and then this term we moved from the 'Learn to read' section to 'I'm reading' section as I wanted my student to feel some success that we are moving forward and making improvements in our reading.
Student is now able to sound out most of the high frequency words without audio or support.
I will continue to monitor closely the students' responses during Reciprocal Reading sessions and will test student again in the last week of the term.

Part one of intervention: Practise with audio book.

Part two of intervention: Practise with teacher.

Part three: Record reading independently using a digital platform.

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