Thursday, 14 September 2017

How do I guide, facilitate an engaging reading session?

Reflection of week 3 trial:
Students are still unfamiliar with using the prompt cards...
Reflective questions:

  1. Are the prompt cards too difficult to follow/ understand?
  2. Have I given enough examples?
  3. Am I talking too much? Is that why the students are not talking?
  4. Is there too much peer pressure within the grouping? Do students get along with each other? Are they likely to communicate with each other?
  5. Are there any other obstacles?
Where to next...
  • Take a step back and more scaffolding of prompt cards and strategies are needed for students to gain the confidence to take risks in asking questions in order to develop their critical thinking skills.
  • Teacher modelling of each prompt card before, during and after a reading session. 
  • Teacher to engage students through questioning, strange example, contextualise learning so that students can make connections with text.
  • Use a range of teaching resources, not limiting to online e-books. For example, school journals as most texts are culturally appealing and sensitive for the boys in my class.

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