Saturday, 19 August 2017

Reciprocal teaching

My students talk, however, they are not discussing the content of what they are reading and is often misled in another direction, away from the topic. 

What do I need to do to refocus my students to enable them to have in-depth discussions and develop their understanding and knowledge?
Will my students be able to understand and contribute to discussions if they understood the contents better?
What about reciprocal teaching? If I ran reciprocal reading in my class with my reading groups and support my students to really understand the context, would this aid their critical thinking and 'get the wheels turning'? 
From reading and studying the articles below on reciprocal reading, it is my strong belief that my students are not able to think critically and make connections with what they are reading due to their understanding of the content.

Research articles on reciprocal teaching:

Where to next (actions):
  • Design and implement a digital reciprocal reading programme.
  • Track target students using running records.

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