Friday, 18 August 2017

Breaking down the Inquiry process!

What should I teach next, how should I teach it, and what do I base those decisions on?
The questions below relate to the Inquiry model and are based on the questions in The New Zealand Curriculum. These are the questions that I ask myself as I move around the cycle of my teaching.
Teaching inquiry: Pedagogy choices
  • How can I teach my next reading lesson most effectively?
  • What language learning tasks and approaches are most likely to help my students progress?
Learning inquiry: Outcomes for students
  • What happened as a result of the teaching?
  • What are the implications for future teaching?
Focusing inquiry: Curriculum choices
  • What is important and worth spending time on, given where my students are at?
Is there something I need to change about how I teach this?
How can I teach more effectively?
How can I maintain a communicative approach?
How can I incorporate tikanga into my teaching?
How can I involve whānau in my teaching?
  • What are the next steps for my students’ learning?
What language needs to be reinforced or introduced next?
What different contexts might my students need to use this language in?

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